Automatic Event

Automatic Event

♦ Automatic Events.

  • Automatic Kill the GM Event
    You are not called for registering in this event, The event will take place at Donwhang South, You have to run there as soon as you see the notice that will be written by our bot, the bot is going to appear and wear a cape, you got to sorely attack the BOT that appears in order to kill him as fast as possible, once he is dead, the bot is going to announce the wage earner.

  • Automatic Hide & Seek event
    An old event which has a great taste of using your intuition, The bot is going to hide and it will ask you to find them, It will reveal some details about it's location , and you will have to know where is the bot hidden, the first one that locates him will receive a some silks.

  • Automatic Trivia Event
    It's an event that requires your interpretation and distinguishing skills, The bot will write a BLUE notice asking you a question, and you have to pm BOT with the correct answer, ofcourse the fastest message will be the winner.

  • Automatic Lucky party number event
    The event is totally based on calculation and luck, the bot is going to write a specific number, and you have to create parties insanely until you reach the required number, the one that has the desired party's number will be the winner.

  • Automatic Last man standing event
    Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory, once the event is on, all you have to do is to send a private message to our bot with "LMSRegister".

  • Automatic Unique event
    The bot will announce the unique event 5 minutes before it starts, it is usually held in order to give a boost for our beginners, multiple uniques will appear and you have to kill them to gain silk & drops, the last unique will be Tai-sui Lv110, the killer will get 50 silks as reward.

  • Automatic Alchemy event
    It is an event where everything is based on your fortune, a lot of players like to try their luck, so we have made an event that provides a fantastic challenge that proves your luck and enchanting skill, Our bot will write an announcement as soon as the event begins, you have to register for the event then start attempting to enchant the item that you are required to enchant, the one that gets the wanted enchantment level first will be announced as the fastest one to fulfill the event's request and that player will be the winner.

  • Automatic Lottery Event
    You are going to choose whether to risk or not, it is either a daring adventure or nothing at all, once you decide to risk your wealth while in order to gain even more resources you'll have the courage to sign up for such an event, furthermore, once bot announces the lottery event's inauguration you have to send a private message to our bot with Register(Lottery), the bot will charge you a fine of 25 silks, hence the bot is going to pick randomly a winner and he will be given a huge reward depending on the participants count, you are able to register more than once in order to increase your opportunity of being the victor.

  • Lucky Global Event ( Lottery Event )
    In this event, the bot will start a global to announce the start of the event. To participate in the event all you have to do is to write a random global chat, the bot will register you automatically, and when the event ends, the bot will announce the winner and give him the reward.

  • Survival Arena
    Survival arena is one of the most intense events in Silkroad, in Zircon you will be able to fight against other players, the bot will announce the start of the event, all you have to do it send PM to the bot to register at the event, when the survival arena starts, the bot will recall you all. You will find a timer countdown in the screen shows how much time left. The player who get the most kills will be the winner.