♦ Cap | 110.
The 11 degree is one of the best degrees in the silkroad history, everyone likes it and it gains most of the sro players attention, it has so much details and fun stuff, thats why we settled on picking this particular degree.

♦ Races | EU & CH.
The server is almost original sro, we didnt want to remove anything, and since SRO has both races in the 11 degree, we decided to keep them both alive, with some light modifications to make balance between them both.

♦ Exp/SP Rate | x250.
The rates in Zircon is very custom, we dont want high rates server that will die instantly in the first week, you will be having so much fun at your way to the max level, 250x rates isn't that low and not very high, the rate is very custom and fun!

♦ Drop Rate | 10x.
Since exp rate is 25x, we had to increase the items drop rate so people can pick them and whether sells them or equip them, you will be finding drops with 10x more than the original sro.

♦ Sos Drop Rate | 3x.
Our nova drop system is 3x the original rates, that means its not that easy to find nova items, we decided to do it this way to make value to the novas, you will find people stalling with novas for gold within the first week.

♦ Alchemy Rate | Adjusted.
Alchemy is the most challenge in Silkroad, we made it a bit fun by adjusting the rates, and we are giving you guys the rates so you will be known the percentage of the plus you are doin.

Plus  Rate 
+1 ~+4 100%
+5 50%
+6 40%
+7 20%
+8 20%
+9 5%
+10 2%

♦ Job Rate | 5x.
Jobbing is very fun right? but who would start doing trades if its not worthy? at Zircon we boosted the job exp and gold by 5x, you will be gaining 5x profits from trading as well as exp.

♦ Max Plus | 10.
Max plus in Zircon is 10 without advanced elixirs, the reason we made it 10 is because we can't just leave it unlimited, some people might get lucky and make insanely high plus, also we picked 10 because its the most challenging plus in all sro servers.

♦ Zircon Main Town | Alexanderia.
Our main town will be Alexandria, there you will find all new npcs, you will find stall, people boting, basically everything will be located at Alexandria.


♦ PC LIMIT | 4.
We don't want server full of botters, so we decided to limit the clients you can open in every single pc, you will be able to login at 4 clients only, the reason we picked 4 clients is; you will be using 1 main account to play on server activities, 1 account will be used as gold bot, last character could be used as staller.

♦ Guild Limit | 24.
Our guild limit is 24 to give small guilds chance to play at the several events, also to make it fair at the fortress war.

♦ Union Limit | 2.
Union has been decreased to 2 only, the reason we did that is to give other unions and guilds chance to play versus each other.

♦ SILK/H: | 1.
We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 1 silk every hour.

♦VoteSilk | 10.
Well been added system vote help new player,vote 10 silk everyday.

♦ Plus Notice | +8.
We added the plus notice so everyone can notice if you did a high plus or not, also to celebrate with you your success

♦ Nostalgia | Old Interface.
In Zircon wanted to let you guys feel the real old school nostalgia by bringing back silkroad old interface, like alchemy, exp bars and the whole interior interface


♦ Gears & Items.

  • How to get Nova Items
    You can obtain nova items from all monsters in Alexanderia, the drop rate for the nova is 3x.

  • How to get Sun Items (ADV B)
    You can get the Sun items from Lv 96~105 monsters at jangan cave, and Lv 100 monsters at Alexanderia, the drop rate is 3x aswell.

  • How To get Egy A Weapon
    You can obtain the Egy A weapon from the original way which is Forgotten world, you can get it by completing the 8 talismans then deliver the quest and select your reward from the weapons collection.

  • How to get Egy A Shield
    The Egy shield can be obtained from killing the last unique of the Forgotten world only, your chance of dropping it is low, so good luck!

  • How To get Egy A Accs
    The only way to obtain the Egy A Accessories is by purchasing it from the battle arena shop, you will have to spend thousands of arena coins, and the only way to obtain arena coins is by attending battle arena and capture the flag!

  • How To get Egy A Set
    Like the original way, you will be needing to collect some coins from the job uniques like silver coins, gold coins. You can buy whatever parts you want from the original npcs located at alexanderia.

♦ Honor Buff.
Academy | Enabled.
We have the regular 4 Honor Buffs [King - Gold - Silver - Bronze] Doing more job activities will gain you job EXP, depending on these EXP our system will grantee you the Honor Buff.


♦ Trading System.
To make it challenging for everyone we decided to enable the jobbing at only 3 towns, Hotan, Donwhang and Jangan, this will make it challenging for the traders because your chances of getting catch by thieves are higher.
Jupiter Job Cave Drop: 100 Silk


♦ Special Npcs.
We added various special npcs that will be very helpful for you, you will find all new npcs at Alexanderia.

  • Special Title Shop
    This NPC specializes in selling titles, which differentiates you from other players.

  • Gold Shop
    This NPC sells miscellaneous items and scrolls for gold which will be useful for you.

  • Special avatar
    This NPC sells different Avatars that you won't find at the item mall.


♦ Dungeons.

  • Job Temple Uniques :
    Job temple uniques spawns at a certain scheduled time, you will be noticing our times at the website, these uniques drop a very precious rewards beside the needed coins to purchase the Egy parts!

    • Isis: 3 Gold Coin / 2:3 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk : Time = 01:30 AM - 09:30 AM - 05.30 PM
    • Anubis: 3 Gold Coin / 2:3 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk :Time =01:30 AM - 09:30 AM - 05.30 PM
    • Neith: 4:5 Silver Coin / 2:3 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk :Time = 01.30 PM - 9.30 PM - 05.30 AM
    • Selket: 4:5 Silver Coin / 2:3 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk : Time = 01.30 PM - 9.30 PM - 05.30 AM

Holy Water Temple
Holy Water Temple was intended to be for the berserk quest only, but to make it fun for you, we added coins drop, you can enter the holy water temple 2 times/day, don't forget to bring your friends with you, its not gonna be easy.
Drop: Silver Coins + Gold Coins + Immortal Stones + Global



♦ Uniques.
Everyone loves hunting uniques, to make it fair for the str players, we added STR uniques too and they share the same drop as the INT uniques, also we added interesting drop to all uniques.

  • Tiger Girl: 1 Reverse / 1 Global / 30% Immortal Stones
  • Cerberus: 1 Reverse / Global / 30% Immortal Stones
  • Captain Ivy: 1 Reverse /1 Global / 30% Immortal Stones
  • Uruchi: 1 Reverse Reverse / 1 Global / 30% Immortal Stones
  • Isyutaru: 1 Reverse / 1 Global / 30% Immortal Stones
  • Lord Yarkan: 2 Reverse / 1 Global / 50% Immortal Stones
  • Demon Shaitan: 2 Reverse / 2 Global / 50% Immortal Stones
  • BeakYoung White Viper: Spawns every day Time 20:30 PM , drops 800 silk + 5x Global + 10x Immortal Stones
  • Death Bone: Spawns every day , drops 1000 silk + 5x Global + 10x Immortal Stones
  • ROC: Spawns every day , drops 1000 silk + 5x Global + 10x Immortal Stones