♦ Gears & Items.

  • How to get Nova Items
    You can obtain nova items from all monsters in Alexanderia, the drop rate for the nova is 3x.

  • How to get Sun Items (ADV B)
    You can get the Sun items from Lv 96~105 monsters at jangan cave, and Lv 100 monsters at Alexanderia, the drop rate is 3x aswell.

  • How To get Egy A Weapon
    You can obtain the Egy A weapon from the original way which is Forgotten world, you can get it by completing the 8 talismans then deliver the quest and select your reward from the weapons collection.

  • How to get Egy A Shield
    The Egy shield can be obtained from killing the last unique of the Forgotten world only, your chance of dropping it is low, so good luck!

  • How To get Egy A Accs
    The only way to obtain the Egy A Accessories is by purchasing it from the battle arena shop, you will have to spend thousands of arena coins, and the only way to obtain arena coins is by attending battle arena and capture the flag!

  • How To get Egy A Set
    Like the original way, you will be needing to collect some coins from the job uniques like silver coins, gold coins. You can buy whatever parts you want from the original npcs located at alexanderia.